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The results of Obama's policy in the Middle Ease can no longer be hidden or denied.
The Senate passed a budget resolution yesterday.  If a conference committee can work out a compromise that passes both houses, Congress would have the option of using the reconciliation process for a filibuster-proof vote on repealing ObamaCare. Read More
President Obama's top priority is probably to fight global warming by strangling the US economy.  However, a Gallup poll says only 32% of Americans (and only 52% of Democrats) are worried about global warming. Read More
The House narrowly passed a budget resolution supported by the GOP leadership, after voting down a more conservative budget proposed by the Republican Study Committee (only 132 Republicans voted for it).  An important factor persuading some conservatives to support the resolution was that Congr... Read More
The soldier which the Obama administration praised while trading five Taliban leaders for his release is finally going to be tried for desertion. Read More

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