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Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter may have admitted more than he intended when he talked about taking "the fight to ISIL both where it began as a tumor and where it has metastasized."  Just who was the president who allowed it to "metastasize" while he flippantly referred to it as the junior v... Read More
An illegal alien who had been deported was able to slip back into the United States and now faces homicide charges.  The same was true of the man who killed Kate Steinle.  How can politicians tell us that the Mexican border is secure? Read More
Many Republican members of the House and Senate have joined the battle to have Obama's amnesty declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Why, though, have some decided not to challenge Obama? Read More
Sen. Kelly Ayotte has followed Sen. Pat Roberts in putting a hold on an Obama appointee until more information is released on the President's plan for Guantanamo.
Michael Brendan Dougherty points out that Obama's policies in the Middle East have strengthened radical Islamists and made America's position worse.
Marc Thiessen discusses the need to treat terrorists differently than other criminals.  
Most Americans recognize the fact that Obama's strategy for dealing with ISIS is, at best, a very slow way of addressing the threat.
Charles Krauthammer points out why Obama cannot take seriously the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.
The terrorist attack in Brussels, M. G. Oprea reminds us, is the natural consequence of having a large and unassimilated Muslim population.
The Federal government has been sending green cards to people who should not receive them because it has been unable to maintain accurate address records. 


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