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Byron York points out one group of Americans who are being hurt by ObamaCare.
This National Review editorial explains why the "missing" IRS emails should be a matter of concern to all Americans.
Michael Crittenden of the Wall Street Journal explains why the change in House GOP leadership could mean problems for businesses looking for taxpayer subsidies through the Export-Import Bank.
Carl Cannon believes that the "missing" Lerner emails can still be found.
Senate Minority Leader McConnell is about to challenge Obama's new anti-energy regulations.
A new poll shows that only 41% approve of Obama, and 54% say that he unable to lead the nation.
According to a new report from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the IRS targeting of conservative groups was the result of pressure from Democrats and liberals, including elected officials.
Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post points out how Obama's policy contributed to the crisis in the Middle East.
Mollie Hemingway reviews the deficient media coverage of the latest announcement in the IRS scandal.
Sean Trende analyzes claims that Cantor was defeated because Democrats came into the primary to vote for Dave Brat.


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