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The brief attempt by President Obama to use banning certain bullets as a back-door method of gun control failed because of the public outcry.  This proves that Obama is sensitive to public opinion (he wants a Democrat to be elected president in 2016), and grass roots activism is the key to stop... Read More
Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa wants to know whether Hillary Clinton's secret emails contain necessary information for his investigation into possible conflicts of interest.  Also, the Washington Post fact-checker finds defenders of Clinton to be relying on falsehoods, not facts.http://www.washi... Read More
M. Stanton Evans - A Giant Sleeps"Every now and then even Bill Buckley got confused; Stan Evanswas never confused." Tom Pauken Coming to Washington as a young lieutenant in the Reagan Revolution in 1981, I had the great fortune and honor of being thrown in the mix with some of the great conserv... Read More
Republicans had been considering whether the budget reconciliation process could be used to repeal ObamaCare.  Now, some are talking about using it to "fix", rather than repeal ObamaCare if the Supreme Court strikes down the illegal subsidies. Read More
Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy says Hillary Clinton is still concealing many of her official emails.
After working with Boehner to push through a bill allowing Obama's amnesty, Democrats now say that they will support keeping him as Speaker of the House.  Some Democrats interviewed by The Hill said that no other Republican who might be elected speaker would be as helpful to Democrats as Boehne... Read More
Sean Trende highlights the difficulty of defending the administration's case on ObamaCare subsidies.
George Will makes the case for reforming the IRS to prevent continued politically-motivated enforcement of the law.
ACL Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to Secretary of the Army McHugh earlier this week.  The most recent developments may be found in the article linked to at the bottom of the page.Dear Secretary McHugh:I have been appalled to read about the treatment of Major Matt Golsteyn, a decorated... Read More
Though some liberals are claiming that the Supreme Court is certain to uphold the Obama administration's interpretation of ObamaCare, the question is still in doubt after yesterday's oral arguments. Read More


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