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Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar describes how Obama has found yet another way to increase what you pay for health care.
Kelli Kennedy describes how some of those who bought ObamaCare health policies are now learning about its disadavantages.
Investors' Business Daily points out the contrast between the government's climate change report and its own statistics.
Everyone knows Obama lied about health insurance premiums dropping by $2,500 per year, but some states will be hit worse than others -- and Hawaii may be one of those.
Reed Abelson discusses how ObamaCare reduces the choices we have for medical care.
Paul Caron in USA Today reviews the known events in the IRS scandal.
byPeter Morici The government shutdown is proving less draconian than presidential warnings, but failing to raise the debt ceiling and default would be another matter. So many government activities have been deemed essential by legislation or presidential order that only 15 percent of the... Read More
Nancy Pfofenhauer explains in The Hill why ObamaCare approaches health care in the wrong way, and cannot accomplish its goals. 
Two men have stood firm in their faith, even though it cost them a planned TV show. 
Jay Cost sets forth the facts about ObamaCare, in contrast to liberal fiction.


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