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Katie Pavlich points out the reasons why the US should be in no hurry to open the gates to a huge influx of Syrian refugees.
TheHouse Freedom Caucus wants to delay a vote on the Iran deal until the House has full information, including the "side deals".
LIberal policies have produced a new crime wave.  Will it plague liberal candidates in 2016?
Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) has been accused by the House Ethics Committee of using his congressional staff for campaign purposes.
Former Secretary of State Clinton may not be the only Obama official to have violated the rules protecting classified material.
Jonathan Tobin points out that by supporting Obama's deal with Iran, Democrats have now made themselves responsible for empowering Iran to carry out its dangerous, anti-American policies.
A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies finds that a majority of immigrants are receiving welfare.
One liberal commentator fears that the next Supreme Court session will be a good one for conservatives.
Another Federal Court has ruled that ObamaCare's mandatory "free" birth control goes too far.
Military author Bing West explains that American generals have no confidence that President Obama will make any serious effort to win the war against ISIS.  For that reason, they opposes sending US advisors and forward observers into combat, fearing that Obama would simply be putting them at ri... Read More


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