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Tom Blumer points out serious weaknesses in the US economy.
A House Committee has approved bills to repeal the Medical Device Tax and the IPAB.
The House is expected to vote to withhold some State Department funding until there are improvements in complying with Congressional requests for documents such as those related to the Benghazi massacre. Read More
House Republicans claim that they will havde a bill ready when the Supreme Court rules on the legality of most ObamaCare subsidies, but they admit they are behind schedule and are not saying whether the bill will surrender to Democratic demands for a continuation of the subsidies. Read More
Katie Pavlich and Rich Lowry ask whether Obama's extreme liberalism makes him incapable of functioning as commander in chief. Read More
Once again, Senate Democrats say that they will not allow passage of spending bills unless those bills give the Democrats everything they want.  It worked earlier, when Democrats refused to allow passage of any funding for the Department of Homeland Security until Republicans restored full fund... Read More
The House will vote later this month on repealing the Medicare rationing board set up by ObamaCare, and also on repealing the Medical Device Tax.
The comments of the judge seemed to indicate a good chance that the House lawsuit against Obama will be allowed to go to trial.
The Senate will begin working on the annual Defense Authorization bill this week. 
Even though the Obama administration has released only a very few of the documents captured from bin Laden four years ago, it is already enough to show that Obama misled Americans by claiming success against the terrorists.


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