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A Washington Post poll shows "dissatisfaction with President Obama's leadership, the direction of the country, and the federal government's ability to deal with  major problems.  Meanwhile, a CNN poll reports that people are not satisfied with the economy resulting from Obama's Read More
Hans von Spakovsky discusses vote fraud, past and present.
Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano admits that the Obama adminstration doubted the legality of the Deferred Action program to protect some illegal aliens from deportation. Read More
Even the Washington Post reports that non-citizens illegally register and vote in US elections.
Republicans are exploiting the failure of ObamaCare in their drive to take over the Senate.
Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe highlights hypocrisy on the part of leftist icon Elizabeth Warren.
Sen. Tom Coburn has exposed more wasteful government spending.
Evidence suggests that illegal aliens may have brought a deadly disease into the United States.
Rep. Jeb Hensarling has established some markers for GOP congressional accomplishment in 2015.
Heather MacDonald points out that CDC's politically correct ideology has handicapped it in dealing with Ebola.


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