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A study of the new, GOP-controlled Senate raises questions about whether a Republican Senate is any different.
Congress faces a big test in the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.  Voting to reauthorize would show that the GOP Congress is more interested in subsidizing corporations than cutting government down to its constitutional size and functions. Read More
The latest Gallup Poll shows Obama's approval at 44% and disapproval at 51%.  Furthermore, that is among all American adults, not registered or likely voters.  Based on past experience, his standing would be lower among voters.  The Gallup figures are in line with  the Real Clear... Read More
Follow the link below to see the roll call vote in the House on the Death Tax. 
As liberal Democrats demand a larger welfare state to deal with inequality, public opinion is moving in the other direction.
After delaying a vote for four years, the GOP House leadership finally allowed the majority to have its way and vote to repeal the Death Tax.
The Wall Street Journal discusses the decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner.
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments today on whether to lift the injunction that has blocked implementation of the amnesty plan announced in Novemberr by Obama.
Cliff Asness points out the flaws in the arguments made in defense of ObamaCare.
The House of Representatives voted today to repeal the Death Tax, and it wasn't even close.


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