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George Will points to historical evidence of major climate change that happened naturally, without any human cause.
Rep. Bob Aderholt has introduced a bill to block Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens.
Alabama Congresswoman Martha Roby has filed the first bill to prohibit Federal funding of Obama's amnesty program.
The rules adopted yesterday by the House require the Congressional Budget Office to take into account the economic impact of legislation, including the stimulus of tax cuts.  The rules also limit voting members to the 435 representatives, while liberals had wanted to allow delegates from territ... Read More
Twenty-four Republicans voted against John Boehner for Speaker, and one voted present.  You can find their names here.
2015 will be the first year that some of ObamaCare's most painful rules go into effect.
Professors at Harvard find themselves paying more because of ObamaCare, and have complained loudly about the results of a law most of them supported.
Both the House and Senate are expected to quickly pass legislation approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, followed by a bill to weaken ObamaCare.  Both bills are expected to pass with bipartisan support, and will give President Obama the dilemma of vetoing popular bills or signing laws he opposes.... Read More
Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler finds that Obama's statements about his executive orders are misleading.
Sen. Marco Rubio continues to back away from the amnesty bill he helped write and push through the Senate in 2013.


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