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James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal describes the outlook for ObamaCare. 
Even the New York Times admits that the VA scandal is a major problem for Obama.
Steven Hayward points out how advocates of climate change distort facts to claim a scientific consensus in their favor.
The VA scandal continues to spark harsh criticism of the Obama administration, even from allies such as Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. Read More
Byron York discusses what the Select Committe on Benghazi should investigate.
Robert Tracinski discusses the very different ways in which liberals and conservatives view the Constitution.
Pressure from grass roots conservatives on House Republicans has once again forced the GOP leadership to prevent the House from voting on amnesty for some illegal aliens.
This Washington Examiner editorial describes how the Obama administration has abandoned its earlier claim that insurer bailouts would not cost the taxpayers anything.
John Fund of National Review Online points out that the VA scandal has lessons not just for the VA but also for ObamaCare and all socialized medicine schemes.
Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard explains why ObamaCare can and should be repealed, and gives his own suggestion of what should replace it.


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