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Businesses hungering for corporate welfare from the Export-Import Bank fear that their ally, House Speaker John Boehner, may be unable to help them because of strong conservative oppositiion.' 
Francis Menton reviews the evidence of how data has been changed to conform to global warming theory.
Rep. Mark Meadows has filed a resolution to open the Speaker's position for a new election, ending the term of John Boehner early.
While House Democrats talked about why the Iran deal is dangerous for America, Secretary of State John Kerry said that Obama might go ahead even if Congress votes it down.
Two Republican Congressmen say that the IRS Commissioner should be impeached for his failure to cooperate with Congress in finding out the truth about the IRS targeting scandal.
Ben Domenech asks the fundamental question about the Republican "majority" in the Senate.  Does it make any difference?
The newest revelations regarding Clinton's email show that no one in the Obama administration was overseeing the protection of classified material.
Jay Cost points out the causes and implications of Obama's low approval ratings.
The House voted yesterday to cut off some Federal funds for state and local governments that protect illegal aliens from deportation.  However, more far-reaching legislation is needed, and may be coming. Read More
While small businessmen lobby Congress to protect them from ObamaCare, a prominent Senate RINO promises that repeal is still on the GOP agenda. Read More


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