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Open Letter to the House and Senate: Keep the Caps             We, the undersigned organizations, representing millions of Americans dedicated to fiscal responsibility, urge you to strictly abide by the discretionary budget caps origin... Read More
ObamaCare may be on the ropes, with multiple problems, as these stories tell us. Read More
Sean Davis shows that it was not a mere "drafting error" that caused the Federal ObamaCare exchange to be excluded from subsidies.  It was a deliberate choice.
Congress should pass the HUMANE Act, a bipartisan bill sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Henry Cuellar, to resolve the illegal immigration crisis on the Mexican border, said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus.The bill would remove the special treatment currently being exploite... Read More
New information may make Obama's defense of the IRS even more impossible. Read More
Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard describes the state of the VA scandal and what it tells us about the Obama administration.
The DC Court of Appeals has ruled that the Federal government cannot continue providing illegal subsidies to people who buy ObamaCare through the Federal exchange. 
John Sununu predicts how Congress will react to the crisis on the Mexican border.
Robert Merry sums up why the US must do something about the increasing flood of illegal aliens.
Among Lerner's surviving emails is one which shows her concern that a congressional investigation might discover evidence of IRS misconduct, if her messages were being saved.


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