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House Lawsuit Against Obama Is Correct Choice            “House Speaker John Boehner has made the right decision by proceeding with a lawsuit by the House against President Obama’s violations of the Constitution”, said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman... Read More
Anyone doubting the wisdom of Speaker Boehner's decision to go to court against Obama should read John Fund's column.  Even Obama's own appointees have often found his administration to be too extreme in its legal claims. Read More
The fight over whether to reauthorize the Export-Import bank is shaping up as a battle between fiscal conservatives and the advocates of big-business subsidies in both parties.  Could this be the beginning of a congressional trend toward abolishing agencies and saving money? Read More
The earlier estimates regarding the shrinking economy during January - March turn out to have been far too optimistic.  The economy shrank by nearly 3%. 
The Conservative Caucus has been urging the House of Representatives to take President Obama to court.  News reports such as the one below say that Speaker Boehner may finally be ready to take action.
Greg Sargent of the Washington Post expresses his concern that conservatives are taking over the GOP, and that Big Business is losing its clout there.
A Special Prosecutor Is Needed for the IRS InvestigationBy Peter J. Thomas and Charles Orndorff             For more than two centuries, one of the great strengths of American politics and society has been the vigorous debate encouraged by... Read More
Sandhya Somashekhar of the Washington Post describes the difficulty and cost that businesses face as they struggle to comply with ObamaCare rules. Read More
The Wall Street Journal explains how the IRS violated Federal law in its failure to protect the email records of its employees.
This Investors Business Daily editorial notes that the timing of IRS decisions concerning email storage is highly suspicious, and points toward deliberate sabotage.


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