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President Obama may claim that ObamaCare is a success, but a 55% of Americans think otherwise according to this FOX News poll (see page 15).
Richard Oppel of the New York Times reports that Obama's VA scandal, according to the Inspector General's report, is even worse than earlier reports.
There has been a huge increase in children crossing the Mexican border without adults since Obama began implementing the DREAM Act for younger illegal aliens.  News reports have confirmed that Obama's actions have been understood as a promise that children will not be deported.  Although t... Read More
Ed Morrissey shows why Americans have reached the conclusion that George W. Bush was a more competent president than Obama.
Prof. Fred Singer demonstrates that there is no scientific basis for Obama's anti-global warming policies.
Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal describes how Obama's energy policy hurts his chances of maintaining Democratic control of the Senate.
Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard recounts how Obama's lies quickly were exposed.
A new poll says that Americans believe that Obama is less competent as president than was George W. Bush.
Paul Krawzak of Roll Call reports that with all the unilateral changes made by the President to ObamaCare, the Congressional Budget Office is no longer able to determine its impact on the Federal deficit.
Ralph Peters discusses why Obama had no idea that trading terrorists for a deserter would bring criticism.


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