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Speaker Boehner has rejected conservative requests that the spending bill for 2015 be introduced early enough that members of Congress will have time to read it.
Republican Senators unanimously condemned Harry Reid's change of the filibuster rule, but they are now divided over whether to repeal that change.
Republicans in Congress, recognizing the difficulty of overcoming Obama's veto power, and hoping that the Federal Courts will cripple ObamaCare.  Will Chief Justice Roberts cooperate, or will he again ride to the rescue of ObamaCare? Read More
Obama and his supporters lied about health care costs while pushing ObamaCare through Congress, and they continue to lie in a desperate attempt to make the program more popular.
Law Professor Lawrence Tribe, a well-known liberal, has accused Obama of abusing his executive power.
Scott Gottlieb explains the problems ObamaCare is causing for doctors.
Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn discuss the House Intelligence Committee's report on Benghazi and the continuing need for the Gowdy Committee.  They specifically cite various "intelligence failures" covered up by the Committee Report. Read More
The most recent figures show that while illegal border crossings are on the increase, Obama is deporting fewer.
Thanks to the efforts of Sen. Rand Paul, there will be a committee vote next week on a war resolution.  However, there is unlikely to be any floor action until 2015. 
The House passed legislation to roll back Obama's amnesty, but the votes that really count are yet to come.


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