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Mark Pfeifle of the Wall Street Journal provides some additional reasons why the Export-Import Bank must go.
The Senate will take up the Iran bill and the House will work on the Federal budget and appropriations this week.
With the Supreme Court possibly on the verge of striking down illegal ObamaCare subsidies, some congressional Republicans want to step in and restore the subsidies.
Ten Republican Senators, twice the expected number, voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.  During her confirmation hearings, Lynch fully supported President Obama's unconstitutional executive actions to provide amnesty for illegal aliens.Here is the roll call vote.http://www.senat... Read More
A bipartisan majority of the House wants to repeal part of ObamaCare.  However, if Congress were to repeal this tax on insurance companies, shouldn't it also repeal the bailouts that protect the companies from losses? Read More
House conservatives are increasingly optimistic that the Export-Import Bank will not be reauthorized, despite frantic lobbying by business interests to continue the taxpayer subsidies.
The Obama administration had a difficult time defending the President's amnesty during a hearing by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Democrats finally agreed to end their filibuster and accept Hyde amendment restrictions in a human-trafficking bill.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell played hardball, refusing to allow a vote on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch during the filibuster despite a massive propaganda cam... Read More
A study of the new, GOP-controlled Senate raises questions about whether a Republican Senate is any different.
Congress faces a big test in the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.  Voting to reauthorize would show that the GOP Congress is more interested in subsidizing corporations than cutting government down to its constitutional size and functions. Read More


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