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Is anyone surprised that the Obama administration has not even bothered to enforce the rules it said would prevent using taxpayer funds for abortion?
California is carrying out ObamaCare so as to transfer some Medicare patients into managed-care plans.
The cancellation notices are going out, caused by ObamaCare.
A new report proves that ObamaCare is reducing full-time employment.
Pollster Scott Rasmussen explains why ObamaCare is a political loser not only in 2014, but also 2016.
ObamaCare will be sending renewal notices which are often incorrect or misleading, causing big surprises for some consumers when the bill arrives.
Another proposed replacement for ObamaCare.
A State Department official claims that important Benghazi documents have been withheld from investigators.
Obama claims that he has the legal authority to attack in Syria without any further Congressional authorization.  Many others disagree.
The House has once again voted, with some Democratic support, to amend ObamaCare and allow Americans to keep their health insurance plans.  President Obama has said he would veto the bill, even though it would implement his own promise. Read More


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