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A new poll shows majority opposition to the President's plan to bring Syrian refugees into the United States. Unfortunately, Congress voted last week to defy public opinion and to give Obama funding for the refugee program. Read More
ACL members who responded to a poll on Obama's plan to bring Syrian refugees into the United States expressed strong opposition.1.  What is your opinion of President Obama's plan to bring thousand of refugees (many of them Muslim) to America from Syria, Iraq, Libya, and the Middle East?Strongly... Read More
The spending bill that Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing through the House over conservative opposition does not include restrictions on Obama's program of bringing in Syrian refugees. Read More
Obama and the liberal elite cannot understand why Americans feel the need for greater protection from radical Islamic terrorists.
Obama and other liberals should stop talking about tolerance, gun control, inequality, global warming, etc., and put their attention on defending Americans from radical Islamic terrorists. Read More
President Obama claims that the US can spot and screen out radical Islamists trying to enter the US legally, but Tashfeen Malik made it through the process.  Fourteen Americans are dead because of that failure.  When will President Obama admit that the screening is not working?https://www.... Read More
The President's Sunday speech shows that he still does not understand that his policies are failing to protect Americans from radical Islamic terrorism.
While failing to keep out terrorists, Obama and the Left also want to leave us unable to defend ourselves.  Rather than seriously discuss the danger of radical Islamic terrorists, they hope to change the topic to "gun control". Read More
By refusing to admit the danger and trying to avoid even mentioning radical Islamism, President Obama is putting the nation at risk. Read More
The FBI refused to go along with political correctness and officially designated the San Bernadino shooting as a terrorist attack by radical Islamists.


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