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Carl Cannon dissects the lies in Obama's defense of the $400 million cash payment to Iran.
Jonathan Toobin discusses the ransom payment to Iran in the context of Obama's overall policy of concessions to that terrorist-supporting nation.
Obama's policies have not produced the economic growth he promised, and those policies are the problem.
Paroling jihadists has turned out to be a deadly policy.
There is a suspicious "coincidence" of a $400 million cash payment to Iran just as Iran was releasing four Americans.
Aetna is concerned that even big premium increases may not be sufficient to make ObamaCare policies profitable.
ObamaCare, contrary to some claims, is making health insurance more expensive -- not less.  
One of the architects of ObamaCare now admits that the law pushed healthcare in the wrong direction. ObamaCare patients have lost their coverage because the law set up co-ops that were not viable. Read More
During the 1930's, Americans learned that high taxes, burdensome, regulations, and uncertainty about government actions made businessmen reluctant to invest and slowed economic growth.  Obama has never learned that lesson, and his Hoover-FDR policies continue to produce very slow growth.https:/... Read More
Once again, newly uncovered IRS documents show that the agency lied about the targeting of conservative groups. 


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