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Yet another poll shows overwhelming opposition to the Iran agreement.
New EPA regulations were put on hold by a Federal Court yesterday.
New estimates say that ObamaCare's tax on some health insurance plans would hit more than 25% of employees who receive insurance through their employer.  Even liberals are getting nervous about the political impact. Read More
Last week, a few retired military officers got big publicity by endorsing Obama's Iran deal.  Yesterday, almost 200 retired officers came out against it.  Will they get similar news coverage? Read More
The National Association of Manufacturers has stopped fundraising for Republican candidates, upset that most of them oppose continuing the Export-Import Bank, which is a major source of corporate welfare for Big Business.  Republicans should accept this as a badge of honor, and tell the voters.... Read More
In a startling new development in the IRS targeting scandal, it turns out that Lois Lerner had a private email account that she used for IRS business.
EPA officials were warned about the danger of a toxic spill at the Gold King Mine.  Will anyone be held accountable?
The Iran deal has the support of only one-quarter of the electorate in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.
House Republicans expect to pass a bill repealing many of ObamaCare's taxes. 
Marc Thiessen points out the similarities of the way CIA Director John Deutsch and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton treated classified information.  Will the Obama Justice Department get serious about national security and prepare to prosecute Clinton and her aides as Deutsch was about to be... Read More


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