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The Senate will probably vote on the Keystone pipeline while the House will take up a border security bill that conservatives have described as too weak to be of value.
Sen. Jeff Session gave an honest evaluation of the border security bill moving forward in the House, and his criticism got their attention. Read More
The Constitution gives Congress sole power to decide whether the nation should go to war, but Congress has failed to even debate the current war against the Islamic State.
House conservatives believe that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may give up on defunding amnesty without a Senate vote.
Sen. Jeff Sessions, who led the fight against amnesty in 2013, is likely to chair a subcommittee that will allow him significant influence in dealing with amnesty bills for the next two years.
Megan McArdle discusses some of the problems that may be in ObamaCare's future.
Here's what some conservatives have to say about the State of the Union address. Read More
Republicans are ready to pass legislation blocking Obama regulations, forcing the President to either accept it or closely identify himself with job-killing policies by using his veto.
The ObamaCare website has long been known for privacy dangers, but now it turns out that the government is deliberately sharing personal information with outsiders.
Some health insurance companies set their 2014 ObamaCare premiums too low (encouraged by the promise of Federal bailouts if they lost money), and are now raising prices or refusing to continue the policies.  This article focuses on what is happening in Colorado. Read More


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