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Obama and Clinton keep saying the border is secure.  Yet the government's own statistics say that illegal immigration from Central America is at record levels.  The liberal response is that we should "solve" the problem by allowing them to come in legally. Read More
Kevin Williamson argues that impeachment is not enough for IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.
Greg Gutfeld is on target with these comments about the recent terrorist attacks. 
The editors of National Review point out that recognizing the threat of radical Islam is the necessary first step towards an effective strategy.
Andrew McCarthy discussed the importance of recognizing that radical Islamic beliefs are one mainstream interpretation of Islam.   
Even the left-wing mayor of New York had no doubt that this was terrorism. 
Two members of the 9/11 commission make the case that the US must recognize that the enemy is radical Islam and must confront and undermine that way of thinking. Read More
If the Mexican border is as secure as Obama and Clinton claim, why is someone who has been deported twice able to come right back -- and commit murder? Read More
Megan McArdle explains why the arguments of ObamaCare defenders don't hold water. 
A majority of Americans still oppose ObamaCare, despite all the media propaganda and all the claims by Obama. 


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