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Charles Lane points out that loose talk about sentencing reform, drug legalization and ending mass incarceration ignores the ugly fact that most criminals currently in jail belong there. Read More
Various Republican plans for replacing ObamaCare share enough features that a consensus may be emerging.
Walter Russel Mead and Nicholas Gallagher detail the problems with Obama's Middle East policy.
For decades, expert studies have demonstrated that foreign aid is actually harmful to the people in poor countries.  The aid continues anyway, and the most recent studies continue to demonstrate the harm done. Read More
Retiring Army Secretary John McHugh has pointed out the fallacy of believing that wars can be won without ground troops, as Obama seems to believe.
Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy says the committee will be releasing some "remarkable" emails.  The emails were originally concealed from the Committee's investigation by the former Secretary of State's use of a private server. Read More
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the race for Speaker, possibly because of rumors of a personal scandal.  The Republican Caucus has postponed the choice of a speaker, which was supposed to take place today. Read More
George Will makes the case for impeaching the IRS Director.
Rep. Trey Gowdy defends the work being doing by his Benghazi Committee.
The few dozen conservatives in the House have not only forced out Boehner as Speaker, they are also having an impact on the contest for his successor. Read More


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