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Democrats are on board when it comes to repealing a tax which is a key part of ObamaCare.
The Senate parliamentarian has confirmed that the reconciliation bill which includes the repeal of much of ObamaCare does not violate Senate rules.
The Senate reconciliation bill will repeal more of ObamaCare than the House version.
Ramon Jaime Horta was deported and returned six times.  Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, who killed Kathryn Steinle, had returned five times after deportation.  Despite this, we are told that Obama has secured the border and illegal crossings are no longer a problem. Read More
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction that has blocked Obama's most recent amnesty program.
Liberal chances of gaining Senate control are slipping.
The ice at both the South and North poles stubbornly refuses to do what the global warming alarmists say it should be doing.
Jonathan Tobin explains why voters (such as those in Kentucky) want to see ObamaCare replaced by something better.
Insurance companies offering ObamaCare policies are losing so much money that their Federal subsidies are larger than expected.
ObamaCare was a key issue in Tuesday's election for governor in Kentucky -- and ObamaCare lost big.


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