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When Congress returns in September, the House and Senate might quickly pass a reconciliation bill repealing much of ObamaCare.
Francis Menton describes what Obama has done to slow down the US economy.
Despite his over-the-top rhetoric about warmongers, Obama has not convinced Americans to support his Iran deal. 
TheObama administration allowed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to put Top Secret emails on her private server.
More evidence of frequent ObamaCare fraud has surfaced.
Sen. Chuck Schumer says Obama is wrong to claim that the Iran deal is the best we can get.
Democrats are being pushed to the far-left by forces within their party, yet their policies do not accomplish their own professed goals. Read More
Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, expected to replace Harry Reid next year as the Senate Democratic leader, has announced that he will vote against Obama's deal with Iran.
The Senate Finance Committee isued its report on the IRS trageting scandal, but liberals are still in denial.
With Senate Democrats threatening to shut down the Federal government unless spending increases above the limits agreed to in 2011 and 2013, GOP leader McConnell pledged that he will avoid a shutdown by negotiating an agreement acceptable to the Democrats. Read More


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