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Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the race for Speaker, possibly because of rumors of a personal scandal.  The Republican Caucus has postponed the choice of a speaker, which was supposed to take place today. Read More
George Will makes the case for impeaching the IRS Director.
Rep. Trey Gowdy defends the work being doing by his Benghazi Committee.
The few dozen conservatives in the House have not only forced out Boehner as Speaker, they are also having an impact on the contest for his successor. Read More
A "cancer of corruption . . . infects the United Nations" according to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as charges are filed against the former head of the UN General Assembly.
Congressional intervention has resulted in the Army giving Green Beret Sergeant Chris Martland time to appeal his discharge.  The Army decided to kick Martland out when he intervened to prevent an Afghan soldier from committing homosexual rape against a young boy.  The notoriously pro-homo... Read More
Kathleen Hartnett White shows the flaws in Obama's crusade to stifle the American economy.
Liberal and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, have joined in criticizing the recently concluded TPP.  Will the GOP leadership once again sell out and help President Obama push through his agenda, as they did with the "fast-track" legislation which set the stage for the agreement?http://... Read More
Senate Democrats are moving toward a vote that would cut off all military funding unless Congress increases welfare and other domestic spending.
The elections for Majority Leader and Majority Whip will be held on October 29 instead of October 8.


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