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House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte warns that terrorists are aware that our border with Mexico is far from secure.
David Ignatius is often a mouthpiece for the Obama administration, but even he cannot deny that the President's "strategy" against the Islamic State has been a failure.
Roger Simon comments on Obama's inability to recognize the danger from radical Islamic terrorists.  
Pat Buchanan has a warning for conservatives as the 2016 campaign heats up.
Jamie Weinstein makes the case that Obama cannot successfully protect the US from terrorist attack because his understanding of the threat is fundamentally flawed. 
Sens. Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions are trying to get information from the Obama administration that may show terrorists have already used refugee status to enter the United States. 
Now that the Republican Congress has voted Obama the funds he needs to bring in Syrian refugees who might be terrorists, some Republicans want to pass restrictive legislation that Obama could easily veto. Read More
Tight restrictions on bombing the Islamic State have promted opposition even from within the Obama administration.  The President, however, has been standing firm in his determination to protect those civilians. Read More
A new poll shows majority opposition to the President's plan to bring Syrian refugees into the United States. Unfortunately, Congress voted last week to defy public opinion and to give Obama funding for the refugee program. Read More
ACL members who responded to a poll on Obama's plan to bring Syrian refugees into the United States expressed strong opposition.1.  What is your opinion of President Obama's plan to bring thousand of refugees (many of them Muslim) to America from Syria, Iraq, Libya, and the Middle East?Strongly... Read More


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