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"There are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation."  James Madison
Please join with The Conservative Caucus in stopping Obama's radical agenda. To succeed, it will take your help through actions like those listed below, donations, and inviting your friends to help. Thank you very much.
Your support is appreciated!

Repeal ObamaCare: The House passed the bill to Repeal ObamaCare!!!  All Republicans voted for it plus 3 Democrats. Let's keep up the pressure on the Senate to pass it. This is more difficult as the White House cautions the Senate to refuse to allow a vote to proceed, so calls, visits, faxes and emails are even more important. Pass the word, burn up the phone lines and let's go for the big win! Call 202-224-3121


  Repeal The Bill!  Repeal ObamaCare! (Yes we can!)   Kill the Death Tax!   
  Real Border Security, Block Amnesty   Stop Obama's VAT Tax  
  Stop Illegal Immigration - Pass Arizona-type
     Laws in YOUR State
  Stop the North American Union and the NAFTA Highway  
  Stop Cap & Trade/Carbon/Climate Taxes   More Issues  
  Stop Obama from Killing the Space Program - Go to the Moon & Mars!   Be a Web Site Promotion Volunteer!  
  Stop Puerto Rico Statehood - Many RINOs Support   Conservative Volunteer Activities  
  STOP the Unconstitutional DC Power Grab   Please Support Our Efforts!  
 Citizen Action Resources:

"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men"  Plato

YOU Can Help Repeal the Bill! - Here's HOW to Stop Obamacare Socialized Medicine
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1 Minute Video



Repeal ObamaCare: The House passed the bill to Repeal ObamaCare!!!  All Republicans voted for it plus 3 Democrats.

The Senate defeated the bill on party lines; but our message is to keep trying at every opportunity. Your calls, visits, faxes and emails will be even more important.

Pass the word, burn up the phone lines and let's go for the big win!
Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 Vote for full repeal. HR 2 Bill text

All Americans must now join together to fully repeal ObamaCare. We invite your support to get all current Members of Congress and all candidates for the Senate and House to sign the pledge to repeal the bill.

Sign the petition to repeal the bill

A Petition to Members of Congress


Americans do not want socialized medicine, rationing, higher taxes, a government takeover of 1/6th of our economy, and government bureaucrats deciding who lives or dies; and
Whereas, ObamaCare will be enforced by 16,000 new IRS agents, monthly compliance checks, fines and even jail; and
Whereas, Taxpayer funded abortion on demand will not be effectively limited by the Stupak deal;


We the American people call on all Members of Congress and all House & Senate candidates to sign the pledge to repeal the Obama Care bill.

City & State:  
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(Please click only once, petition takes a moment to process)

2. Download the Repeal Pledge! Download and print the Pledge! (get pdf reader).  Then email, fax, mail, or (best yet) give it in person to your Representative and Senators. Ask them to sign & witness it and return it to the address on the pledge. Take copies of the pledge to campaign events, parades and rallies where you may be able to personally give it to members of Congress. If possible, shoot video of you giving them the pledge and asking if they will sign it; then send us the link to the video so we can promote it.

3. Donate Now!  Help us get every Member of Congress to sign the pledge to Repeal Obama Care with an emergency donation!

4.  Share it! Pass the word to your friends. With your help, we can lay the groundwork to repeal the bill and spare our loved ones all the dangers of government-run health care.

for all Members of Congress and Candidates

I, ________________, a Representative/Senator/Candidate in the state of ______________, hereby pledge to the American people that I will do everything in my power to repeal the Obama Socialized Medicine bill. I promise to vote in any floor, procedural and committee votes to repeal the bill; to help get co-sponsors for a repeal bill; to help build a veto-proof majority among my colleagues; and to help in any other way to assure this bill is repealed.
Signed, Date
Witness, Date

Return your signed, dated, and witnessed pledge to
The Conservative Caucus
450 Maple Avenue, East, Vienna, VA 22180
703-938-9626 Fax 703-281-4108 --

Additional Actions:

  • Help us pass full repeal of ObamaCare! Vote to be held January 12; call your Congressman asking that they vote for full repeal.
  • Call or E-Mail talk shows and alert Americans that we can repeal the bill.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper alerting readers on this issue and asking them to contact their Congressmen too.
  • Visit your Congressman and Senators at their state/district offices.
  • How did your Congressman vote on ObamaCare? See the list, and let him know your views
  • TCC's Citizens Lobbying Guide
  • Please email this page to your friends.
  • Make a Donation Now! -- Help Expand our Efforts!

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 Real Border Security, Stop Illegal Immigration, No Amnesty

Watch the Facts About Amnesty

Stop Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants - Expert Reveals the True Cost of Amnesty The Dangers of Unlimited Legal & Illegal Immigration

Alan Keyes: Stop Illegal Immigration, No Amnesty!

Congressman Steve King: Stop Bilingual Ballots Local Leaders Can Stop Illegal Immigration
The True Cost
of Amnesty
The Numbers on
Illegal Immigration

Alan Keyes
on Amnesty

Rep. Steve King:
No Bilingual Ballots

Local Leaders Can
Stop Illegals

Citizenship & amnesty for illegals, millions more 'guest' workers taking even more jobs from Americans. Crime, drugs, Mexican drug cartels invading the USA, billions of taxpayer dollars consumed in providing free services for illegals. Will Spanish be the official language in the U.S. in a decade or two?

Let's push the new Congress to pass real border security. Existing stimulus funds can be directed to build hundreds of miles of border fence, we need more border patrol forces and to mandate that states and localities enforce existing immigration laws--no more "sanctuary cities."

The American people rejected every past attempt at amnesty, so we can keep amnesty at bay--only if we keep the pressure on Congress.

With the new Congress, we have a chance to increase border security, to build the full 2,000 mile border fence; and to increase penalties and require enforcement of existing laws. With your help, we defeated the last amnesty bill. Thank you and let's keep fighting until the day we have a 2,000 mile fence and no illegal aliens entering our nation.

Be sure to write a letter of appreciation to your Senators if they voted to defeat amnesty in past votes, and write to the amnesty supporters to let them know Americans will still oppose amnesty if they try to bring it up again. Ask them to pass real border security only, including a 2,000 mile fence. During previous amnesty votes, Sen. DeMint's phone calls were 99% against amnesty, persuading him to line up enough other Republicans to vote "no" on the key votes. Grass roots lobbying works!

Read the previous Senate amnesty vote lists.

A Vote For Amnesty is a Vote for Abortion

The millions of amnestied illegals, once they become citizens, will vote overwhelmingly liberal. While many illegals are Catholic and may oppose abortion and many other parts of the liberal agenda, the liberals they elect will create an permanent and undefeatable Congressional majority for abortion.  Use this important point when you call talk shows and your Members of Congress.
Read many more Amnesty "Talking Points"

Stop Amnesty Action Items:

  • Sign The Petition to Congress - Stop Illegal Immigration Now!

  • The Assimilation Pause: Support a complete immigration moratorium. Stop all visas for 10+ years to allow assimilation to try to take place. 

  • Please write a real letter (better than an email) of appreciation to your Senators if they voted to defeat amnesty, and write to the amnesty supporters to let them know Americans will still oppose amnesty every time they try to bring it up again. Ask them to pass real border security only, including a 2,000 mile fence.

  • Before you call or write, read the voting record of who voted for and against Amnesty.

  • Call radio talk shows.  Ask listeners to call their Congressman and Senators to keep amnesty dead and to build a fence. Your phone call can rally to action many thousands!

  • Call the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee with your views:
    *  RNC phone: 202-863-8500, fax: 202-863-8820, Email:
       *  DNC: phones: 202-863-8000 and 877-336-7200, Email:

  • Vote with your wallet: donate only to those organizations opposing amnesty and who support real border security.

  • Amnesty supporters are desperate to pass any version of amnesty this year in the expectation the GOP may regain the majority in the House and Senate.  The Heritage Foundation's study showed that amnesty could increase immigration by at least 60 million, and it must never be passed in any form.  We must insist on border security only--build a full 2,000 mile fence, and establish proper (lower) limits on legal immigration, and not open up the floodgates to millions more aliens.  No action on illegal immigrants is better than any amnesty bill, no matter how it may be disguised.

  • Call (202-224-3121), visit, write, fax or E-Mail your Congressman and SenatorsUrge them to oppose any form of amnesty and to pass a real border security bill.

  • Write letters to the editor:  A letter to the editor of a newspaper can rally to action thousands of people: Links to many talk shows and newspaper editors. Ask readers to call their Senators and Congressman to keep amnesty dead.

  • Where's the fence?  In 2006, H.R. 6061, the bill to build 700 miles (NOT the full 2,000 miles needed) of border fencing was passed and signed into law, but only $1.2 billion of the needed $6 billion has been funded--leaving doubt it will be built without strong pressure on the Democrat Congress to approve the balance.  To date, only a token few miles have been built. Tell the President, your Senators and your Congressman to insist the fence is actually built.

  • Spread the word!  Tell your friends, political associates, church members, school parents and teachers, and homeschoolers about this issue.  Post messages on blogs and websites, and email everyone in your address book.  If we reach enough people, we CAN keep Amnesty/Citizenship/Guest Worker dead.

  • Put them on the spot!  Go to town hall meetings and debates where your Congressman, Senators, or candidates are speaking and taking questions--ask them in public to commit to building a full border fence and opposing any form of a amnesty/guest worker bill.  If they agree, lock in their support by writing a letter to the editor describing their agreement--or expressing outrage if they support amnesty.

  • Note: Emails and faxes to Senators and Congressmen from other states or districts than yours will not be read (they just delete them), so invest your time instead to contact friends in other states and districts so they may also help increase our influence.

Additional Resources:

"Based on my current research, I estimate that if all the current adult illegal immigrants in the U.S. were granted amnesty the net retirement costs to government (benefits minus taxes) could be over $2.5 trillion." Robert Rector

Please help our vital campaigns, make your donation now. Thank you!
Donate Now!

 Stop Illegal Immigration - Pass Arizona-Type Laws in YOUR State

Arizona's immigration law is just the beginning of a new movement: the states are being forced to do what the Feds refuse to do. Americans are fed up with unlimited illegal immigration and the resulting crime, murders, drug smuggling, human smuggling, Mexican drug gangs, and illegals costing taxpayers billions in health, police and other services. Terrorists could also have unlimited access to the US through our undefended border.


Unemployed Americans are fed up with millions of both legal and illegal immigrants taking their jobs and driving down American wages.

Because President Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws and to build the full fence, and is still determined to pass amnesty so millions more illegals will be rewarded for walking across the open border; every state--especially the other border states--must pass similar legislation.

Make it a campaign issue, ask candidates during campaign rallies, parades, town hall meetings. Write letters to the editor, call talk shows, blog it and email your friends!

Arizona should also start building a continuous border fence with stimulus funds. The protests from illegal immigration advocates prove they know Arizona's new law will effectively reduce illegal immigration.

Several states are also taking the lead with legislation to stop awarding automatic citizenship to children of illegals.

You can help by contacting your state legislators and governor, and urging them to pass similar laws.


 Stop Cap & Trade - Carbon/Climate/"Global Warming" Taxes

Watch the Truth on Global Warming

Global Governance - EU President Admits One-World Government is Here - NWO - New World Order ClimateGate: the Fraud of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" -- by Marc Morano of Climate Depot

The Truth Squad in Copenhagen!  - ClimateGate, UN Climate Conference COP15

The Importance of Coal to our Economy - Cap and Trade will Bankrupt Americans
Climate Laws to
Bring One-World
The Fraud of
Global Warming

The Climate Truth
Squad in

Learn About
Clean Coal

Watch More at





As the phony science supporting global warming is collapsing, and as global temperatures have fallen for a decade, Obama still wants YOU to pay confiscatory prices for the energy you need to heat and light your home, drive to work and school, and for every product and service you buy.  It's all in the name of combating non-existent "global warming," but the real purpose is just to fuel government's appetite for our money, and force Americans to be more subservient to the god of Government.

President Obama must be blocked by Congress from enacting by regulation or executive order any limits on carbon.

You can help by contacting your Congressman and Senators, and urging them to block Obama from using executive orders and regulations to do what Congress sensibly won't: hike energy prices for Americans.


Nothing demonstrated American Exceptionalism like landing on the Moon in 1969. The space program launched American leadership in technology, giving everyone the benefit of space-derived items like personal computers, cell phones and so many other staples of daily life. America in the 1960's was a powerhouse for jobs and economic growth, and at the time, NASA planned to land on Mars by the early 1980's.

This year, President Obama has ordered the manned space exploration cancelled, and the Constellation rockets already in development be terminated. He is also scrapping the Space Shuttle program--ending any means for Americans to launch crew to the space station except by using Russian rockets for almost the same cost as the Shuttles.

By scrapping the space program, the President is giving a head start of a decade or two to our adversaries and competitors. China has announced they are building a space station starting in 2011, building a "heavy lift" rocket in 2014, and going to the moon by 2017. Russia and other countries are also working to stake out leadership in space exploration.

This is why we have founded the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration; a non-partisan group to inspire all Americans to pressure Congress to save the space program, and to go to the Moon, Mars and beyond as soon as possible.

Action requested:

 Stop Statehood for Puerto Rico

Here's the scheme: How can President Obama and Congressional liberals try to rebuild after outraged voters lost them the House majority?  How about by adding two more liberal Senators and locking in 6-8 liberal Congressmen! To do so, they have crafted a way to trick Puerto Ricans into trapping themselves into voting for statehood. First there will be a vote simply asking if citizens of Puerto Rico merely want to "change" the current Commonwealth status, without offering alternatives or mentioning the second vote that will then forever rob them of their special status. If a majority vote for that for whatever reasons--they may have some doubts or questions about the current status or are confused about the process--then the trap is sprung and there will be a second vote where statehood will be an option, but maintaining the current status won't. A one-way street to the economic destruction of Puerto Rico for Barack Obama's and the Democrats' personal power gain.

The economy of Puerto Rico has for decades been structured around the fact that their citizens pay no income taxes. Well that changes with the votes, for in addition to sewing a 51st star onto all our flags and making Spanish a de-facto official language, Puerto Ricans will for the first time feel the bite of income taxes. And suddenly many companies will cease to have an economic advantage to remain in Puerto Rico and leave. And the millions of citizens will be stuck with higher taxes in the economic crisis. But once the price of statehood hits, it's too late and Obama won't allow another vote to undo the mess they created.

Quite in addition to the economic consequences of statehood are the very real consequences of further Balkanizing America into a completely bilingual nation, constantly split by language at a time when Americans need to be united as never before.

There are 57 House RINOs who helped carry Obama's water on the statehood vote in the last Congress, and they should be targeted first. Those Republicans who think if they join Obama's scheme that somehow the GOP will get the credit for granting statehood are mistaken; the media will never carry that story; it'll only be Obama and gang getting the TV coverage. And the new liberal Senators and Congressmen will help prevent many GOP victories--perhaps what RINOs truly want, but not the American people. Let's stop the Statehood Trap now by blocking any attempt in this Congress to pass a successor to the old HR 1499.


Action requested:

 STOP The "DC Power Grab" - Unconstitutional Seat in Congress

Stop Unconstitutional DC Voting Representation - The Liberal Power Grab

Watch The Facts
on DC Voting





On Obama's radical agenda is to award Washington DC a leftist vote in Congress by giving full "voting rights" to DC's delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton. This is completely unconstitutional, and has been defeated in the past.  After a pro-Second Amendment amendment was added to the bill last year, the Democrat leadership decided to scrap the bill without a vote, and just the threat this year may keep the bill from being advanced to a vote. BUT stay alert, for the bill might be pushed hard after the election or it could be suddenly attached to a "must-pass" bill.

This unconstitutional scheme must never be passed, and we urge you to call your Senators and Congressman at 202-224-3121 and ask them to vote NO on any bill which would award Washington D.C. an unconstitutional seat in Congress.  Please read this excellent report for the full details and watch our television program on this issue.

Please also call radio talk shows, asking listeners to call their Representatives too.  Email and phone your friends to ask for their help as well.

White House advisors recommended to President Bush that he veto the bill because they knew it was unconstitutional, but Obama will sign it regardless of the Constitutionality.  This makes your phone calls even more important.

Read the excellent series of responses to supporters of DC voting scheme by our Constitutional expert, Charles Orndorff--especially valuable for debating people on the subject, calling talk shows, writing letters to the editor, etc.

GOP legislators should not fall for the fraud that an additional Congressman will be awarded to Utah, supposedly giving the GOP an extra member to 'balance' the Democrat member from DC. The fact is that during redistricting, the extra seat (only temporarily awarded to Utah) will likely go to a liberal in California as a result of massive illegal immigration, thus winning 2 new and permanent liberal seats from this deal.

Please call your Senators, Congressman and call radio talk shows because the Democrats often put heavy pressure on their members to vote the "party line" or face heavy penalties. And ask your friends to visit this page and join the campaign as well.

Additional actions:

 Kill the Death Tax!

Watch the Facts on the Death Tax

Kill The Death Tax !!! Call Congress, Demand Action Now! Kill the Death Tax!
"Death and Taxes"
Tax his cow,
        tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
        tax his coat,
Tax his crops,
        tax his work,
Tax his tie,
        tax his shirt,
Tax his chew,
        tax his smoke;
Teach him taxes
        are no joke.

Tax his tractor,
        tax his mule,
Teach him taxes
        are a rule.

Tax his oil,
        tax his gas,
Tax his notes,
        tax his cash;
Tax him good
        and let him know--
After taxes
       he has no dough.

If he hollers,
        tax him more;
Tax him 'til
        he's good and sore.

Tax his coffin,
        tax his grave,
Tax the sod
        in which he lays.
Put these words
        upon his tomb:
"Taxes drove me
        to my doom."

And after he's gone
        he can't relax;
They'll still be after
      Inheritance Tax!

Copyright 2011 TCC

Imagine being faced with the death of a family member or relative; only to find the government wants to confiscate more than half of their estate.

That means houses, life savings, farms, family businesses all must be sold just to pay the taxes, leaving the family broke and without the family business to provide a living. In short it is a scheme to make Americans less self-reliant and to punish the most hard-working Americans.

Unfortunately Congress many years ago followed Lenin's dictates in the Communist Manifesto and enacted a confiscatory death tax, however under President Bush, Congress passed a temporary repeal for 2010 only. The last Congress passed a return to the Death Tax in the Lame Duck session; but we must insist on a complete repeal in the new Congress.

We CAN take action now to make permanent the repeal of the death tax.  Millions of Americans and small family businesses will be greatly punished now that the death tax rate was hiked dramatically in 2011. With your help we can spare families these taxes and save their savings, farms and businesses.

Your help can make this happen.

Additional Actions:

  • Help us pass a bill to make the repeal of the "estate tax" permanent: Call and write your Congressman asking that they co-sponsor it. Once we get many cosponsors, we can press for committee and then floor votes.

  • (Old Congress's bill) Text of HR 1960, the bill to make permanent the Death Tax repeal.

  • Send an E-Mail or fax to your Congressman.

  • Call or E-Mail talk shows and alert Americans to the death tax, and ask the listeners to call their Senators.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper alerting readers on this issue and asking them to contact their representatives too.

  • Visit your Congressman at his district offices in your state or at campaign rallies.

  • Read TCC's Citizens Lobbying Guide for more lobbying tips.

  • Please email this page to your friends.

  • Make a Donation Now! -- Help Expand our Efforts!

"Death and Taxes" is copyrighted and may not be published, distributed, altered or or used in any way without the permission of The Conservative Caucus.  Emailing it unaltered to a friend is fine only if you credit The Conservative Caucus as the source and give the web link:

 Stop Obama's VAT Tax

Steve Forbes on the Economic Crisis

Steve Forbes:
Cut Taxes!


Europe used to have merely sky-high income taxes. Then they cut the income taxes a little and added a small "VAT" tax. Predictably they then hiked income taxes AND hiked the VAT tax to tremendous levels. Tax it when you make it AND tax it when you spend it.

Now Obama is pushing to force Americans to pay not only income taxes and every other tax under the sun, but also a European-style VAT tax. And he wants Republicans to do the work of passing it for him in the name of lowering the deficit.

VAT is short for "Value Added Tax" which is sort of like a sales tax but far more dangerous, and is hidden in the cost of products. Most important is that Americans are overtaxed and any new tax will just steal the income from struggling families and further harm the economy. The tax works by adding taxes to every product through every stage of its manufacture, processing, and sale; but you won't ever see the tax in the price as it will be built in to the cost. And you'll be paying the Feds double taxes--once when you earn money and again when you spend it.

You can help block this Socialist scheme from being taken seriously by the new Congress by contacting your Congressman and Senators, and tell them Americans do not want more taxes at all, and especially do not want this dangerous VAT tax added onto every other tax we pay. The new Congress must resist appeals to balance the budget with this double-taxing scheme.



Within a few short years, unless Americans object now, the United States of America and our beloved Constitution may not exist.  Behind closed doors, a new scheme is being drawn up to eliminate the borders with Mexico and Canada, replace the Dollar with the "Amero" (a combination of the Mexican and Canadian currencies with the Dollar) or a global currency run by the UN--thus destroying American's savings and economy; and creating a "North American Union" (NAU) like the European Union.  Gone or ignored will be our Constitution.  Bureaucrats in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. will dictate your rights and duties as "citizens" of the NAU.  Complete elimination of borders will give all Mexicans the legal right to move to the US, making Americans nearly a minority in our own country and making security against terrorism and drug smuggling impossible.  It's not just a nightmare or horror movie; it's actually being planned, unless Americans wake up now and put a stop to it.  Today the planning is behind closed doors, soon the media and politicians will be declaring the need to merge with Mexico and Canada to solve all our problems, and the danger exists that a real or created crisis could be used to force the scheme into effect without even a vote in Congress.  This is how our great country and Constitution could be undermined and abandoned without a fight--if we let it happen now.  Follow the news here and please take action.

Congressman Virgil Goode (R-VA) introduced H.C.R. 40 in the previous Congress, "Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should not engage in the construction of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Superhighway System or enter into a North American Union with Mexico and Canada."  A bill like this should be passed to stop this dangerous scheme, and the first steps you can take to get it passed are to get your own Congressman to co-sponsor it, get your Senators to introduce a Senate version.  We will work to get the new Congress introduce such a bill, then we can work to get it debated and passed in the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in the Committee on Foreign Affairs.  Please act today.

Learn About the North American Union (NAU)

Global Governance - EU President Admits One-World Government is Here - NWO - New World Order

Climate Laws to
Bring One-World
Jerome Corsi
Explains NAU

Oppose NAU

Rep. Tancredo
on NAU

Watch More at


Resources and Action requested:

 Attend Town Halls, Tea Parties & Campaign Events

Town Hall Meetings are your opportunity to ask questions of your elected officials in public before witnesses and TV cameras. Attend and invite your friends too.

Hold up signs. Invite friends, Tea Party activists, friends from church and everyone else to join you. Speak out. Demand honest answers. Be polite and respectful, but get your point across and ask for meaningful answers. Seek out the media and give interviews too. Be sure to video the entire meeting and post it online for all to see.

Town hall meetings are usually held year-round, with increased frequency in August and whenever Congress is out of session. You can call your members of Congress for their schedule of town halls or find it on their website. You can also sign up for their email list to receive automatic emails giving you town hall schedules.

Find the dates for town hall meetings by calling your Congressman's and Senators' offices. The Senate and House Switchboard (202-224-3121) is often flooded and busy, so call the offices directly from these lists:

Campaign rallies and events are another opportunity to ask candidates and incumbents important questions in front of the public.  Again, video these events

You can also find town hall meetings from postcards sent to you from your Senators and Congressman or check on their websites at or  Take a group of friends with you if possible. Ask the tough questions: will they pledge to repeal ObamaCare? Vote against Amnesty, energy/climate tax hikes ("Cap and Tax"), VAT Tax, statehood for Puerto Rico, and other key issues.  Video it and put the video on Youtube.  Ask if they have read every page of the bill.  Make copies of the most dangerous parts of these bills (look on the web or go to and distribute them to attendees.  Hold up signs exposing their votes.  Ask how they can justify raising the deficit by trillions more and imposing massive new taxes during the economic crisis. Ask if they would cancel their deluxe Congressional health plan and go on the government plan.  Always be polite but be persistent to get an honest answer, not a brush-off or PR line.  See if YOUR town hall video can make a hit on Youtube!

The White House orchestrates staged and controlled rallies for their issues around the country. Info  Go to: and enter your zipcode to find the events near you.

Examples of citizen videos
at town hall meetings


Crowd Explodes When Arlen Specter Urges That We "Do This Fast"

Add Yours!

Rep. Tim Bishop

Sen Arlen Specter


4.    Call talk shows and write letters to the editor to ask others to help too.

5.    Go to Tea Party events to show people in your community that they can make a difference. Ask people there to do these actions too.

6.    Use the internet as best you can to spread the word.  Email everyone you know to ask for their help. Make short Youtube videos to explain complicated issues like Socialized medicine/rationing and energy tax bills. Write blogs, use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote the message. Respond to blogs and news articles to tell the truth.

 More Action Items


Visit our Additional Actions Page  Withdraw from the NAFTA jobs destruction treaty
STOP Obama's Socialist Agenda  We need YOUR help now more than ever. Stop the United Nations "Law of the Sea Treaty" (L.O.S.T.)


 Be A Web Site Promotion Volunteer

Spread the Word!  Help more people find us too!Do you like this site?  Has it been valuable for you?  Wouldn't you like others to find us too? Read how a few minutes of your time every month, week or even every day can make a big difference!

Cutting the size and power of government is a goal we all share.   We are looking for some volunteers to help even more conservatives find and use our great resources.  Here's a few ways you can be of great help:

  1. E-Mail your family, friends and associates about our websites: and -- tell them how much YOU like the sites and suggest they visit.  Email them links to any of our articles and pages.

  2. Go to your favorite chat rooms, blogs, news groups, and discussion web sites like Free Republic--particularly those you visit regularly anyway--and post messages about how valuable YOU find the sites to be, or post messages about any articles we have here which you want others to know about too.  Include the link to our site as in the above tip.Get the Best Conservative Info and Lobbying Tools Here! Hint: news stories linked from the Drudge Report reach millions of viewers, you can comment on the linked news stories.

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  4. Webmasters & Bloggers: Please add a link to us on any web pages which you run.  Here's a logo you can use:

  5. Add a note mentioning our site and issues to church bulletins and political newsletters.

  6. If you call a radio talk show, mention the websites so listeners can learn about our issues.

  7. Next time you go to a local political or civic group or club, announce our web address to the group, or make up a simple flier and hand out copies.

  8. Suggest to students and teachers that they can find LOTS of political information here--great for research projects!  We also have a nice section of historical U.S. documents including a few which are hard to find.

  9. Donations of money or items are an extremely valuable way you can assist our efforts to cut government and slash taxes.  Please help!

Be A Volunteer Webmaster

Would you like to help make our websites even better?  We have many website projects where your assistance would be valuable.  Your help can include verifying and updating links--a very important project, creating graphics, photography, programming, research and much more.  Together we can make a difference.  You will receive credit for the projects on which you assist.  Contact the webmaster if you'd like to help.

Thank you for your interest in helping more people learn about our valuable resources.   Please let us know if you are helping on any of these projects, or any other ways you are using the resources at our websites.

We invite you to look at our many opportunities for conservatives to lend a hand towards restoring our Constitutional Republic. We have projects you can do from home, school, or at our headquarters.


It takes only a moment to sign up to receive our legislative alert emails!


There are many ways YOU can help from home or university.  Here are the most important ways you can help.

  • Citizen Lobbying: You are invited to be a citizen lobbyist, helping on our Legislative Action Items using a variety of Citizen Lobbying Methods.  Check out the issues and help any way you can, and encourage your friends to help as well. Contact us for more ideas, and be sure to sign up to receive our legislative alert emails.
  • Webmaster Volunteer Assistant: If you have experience with webmastering, blogging, app creation, content management or computer graphics, you can assist in updating and improving our websites.  We maintain a great many links to Congress, for example, which must be frequently updated, and you can create new graphics and special effects.  You can work from home on many web projects to make our site more effective, and you will receive recognition for your efforts.  The website promotion projects described below (WEB SITE PROMOTION VOLUNTEERS) are valuable as well.
  • Television Production Volunteer Editor: Are you skilled in video editing, graphics and special effects?  Assistance in creating custom footage, logos, and animations for our weekly conservative television program and other video projects would be greatly appreciated, and you will receive credit in the show.
  • Television Volunteer Videographer: We are looking for video footage to which you shot or own the rights concerning many topics including: the Mexican border, China, factories (both operational and abandoned), left-wing activism, and more. Let us know what you have or can shoot for us. Other footage which illustrates our various projects will be useful as well. You will receive credit in the show.
  • Media Research Volunteer Assistant: There are many media-related projects you can do from home, such as assistance in promoting news conferences, compiling and updating contact lists of reporters, etc.  You can even call reporters and find their interests.  Skills: familiarity with how to use the media, willingness to do a lot of phone and web research.
  • Voting Record Volunteer Researcher:  Your time spent in researching and compiling voting records on important issues can make a great difference in educating voters on how their elected officials actually vote.  The results will appear in our website, publications, and even in the media.  Much of the research can be done on the internet, and for some information you may need to call Congressional offices and policy organizations.
  • Other Research Projects: Research of people and organizations in the news may help identify additional coalition members for our projects.
  • Fundraising: We can pay commissions for fundraising, whether large or small amounts.

Interested in helping with any of these activities?  Please contact Art Harman or Charles Orndorff at 703-938-9626, or write to The Conservative Caucus, 450 Maple Avenue East, Suite 309, Vienna, VA 22180.


Do you like this site?  Has it been valuable for you?  Wouldn't you like others to find us too?  Read how just a few minutes of your time every month, week or even every day can make a big difference!

Cutting the size and power of government is a goal we all share.  We are looking for volunteers to help even more conservatives find and use our great resources.  Here's a few ways you can be of great help:

  1. E-Mail your friends and associates about our sites: and -- tell them how much YOU like it, and suggest they visit.
  2. Go to your favorite chat rooms, blogs, news groups, and discussion web sites like Free Republic -- particularly those you visit regularly anyway -- and post messages about how valuable YOU have found this site, or post messages about our articles and TV shows which you want others to know about too.  Include the link to our site and/or a specific page. Newspaper sites often have comments sections on each news story. Hint: news stories linked from the Drudge Report reach millions of viewers, leave comments on those stories!
  3. Webmasters: We would be grateful if you would add a link to us on any web pages which you run.  Here's some graphics you can use:

    Get the Best Conservative Info and Lobbying Tools Here!

    Best Conservative Lobbying Tools on the Web!

    Mini Logo: 96x26 pixels Standard size banner: 468x60 pixels Click for full size

    Just copy the graphic and link the banner to

  4. List our websites in church bulletins and political newsletters.
  5. Next time you go to a local political or civic group or club, announce our address to the group, or make up a simple flier and hand out copies.
  6. Let students and teachers know they can find lots of political information here--great for research projects!  We also have a good section of historical U.S. documents including a few which are hard to find.
  7. Watch our videos on Youtube, send your friends the links, add links to websites and your Facebook/MySpace, etc. pages; and blog about the show.

Thank you for your interest in helping more people learn about our valuable resources.  Please let us know if you are helping on any of these projects, or any other ways you are using the resources at our site.  E-Mail


Left-wing organizations often receive millions of dollars in taxpayer grants, and they also enjoy favorable coverage from the liberal media. Conservative organizations therefore rely even more on the generosity of individual Americans like you.

Donations of money or computers and other items are an extremely valuable way you can assist our efforts to stop threats to American independence, cut government power, slash taxes, and restore true Constitutional government. Please help!


There are many projects we need help with at our headquarters in Vienna, VA. These include research projects, clerical support tasks, and many other projects; all of which contribute greatly to our effectiveness.

Interested in helping at our office?  Please contact Art Harman or Charles Orndorff at 703-938-9626, or write to The Conservative Caucus, 450 Maple Avenue East, Suite 309, Vienna, VA 22180.


We produce a nationwide conservative television program using a volunteer crew.  If you live in the Washington D.C. area and have experience or a strong interest in television production, motion pictures, theater, audio recording, radio, photography, graphics, church a/v, editing, animation, lighting, set design, makeup, and related fields; let us know because we are looking for additional volunteers.  We can even provide some training.  Use your skills to advance the conservative cause!

About the conservative TV program | Got broadcast video or audio equipment to donate? | Contact us for more information


Find out how a few minutes of your time can get us the approval needed from YOUR local cable company to broadcast our weekly conservative television program in YOUR community at no cost! Half the battle of winning our legislative campaigns is getting the facts to Americans, and this TV show can help!  Details  Watch our program on YouTube


We have openings for interns at our office throughout the year, not just for the summer!  Learn or sharpen your skills as a conservative activist while helping our activities to restore the Constitutionally limited government the Founders intended.

Intern activities can include legislative research, working with Congress on legislation, television production, website design and maintenance, grass-roots lobbying, computer projects, and much more. Current issues include saving the space program, repealing the ObamaCare bill and much more.

We also invite retired people or anyone looking to volunteer for these and other projects their time at our Vienna, VA office to contact us.

  • For conservative political research and lobbying internships, please contact Charles Orndorff, the Administrative Vice-Chairman at 703-938-9626 or write to Mr. Orndorff at The Conservative Caucus, 450 Maple Avenue East, Suite 309, Vienna, VA 22180.
  • For conservative TV production internships, or website development, graphics and computer internships, please contact Art Harman at the same address and phone number.  We can offer you experience in either or both webmastering and television production!

We will be happy to put together a custom internship experience for you from one or more of these categories.


"If once (the People) become inattentive to the public affairs... I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges and Governors shall all become wolves." Thomas Jefferson

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